Time for a new element

Today’s challenge was to blog with a new element. I learned today that you can embed Pinterest boards and links in a blog. I had no idea. If you haven’t heard Pinterest is a virtual pin board that you can “pin” anything from the internet or your computer. Basically it is a very addictive time suck.

I go through phases where I pin pin pin, the. Where I complete a Pinterest project every day or week and a while where I don’t even pull it up.

Anyhow, Pinterest, Facebook or twitter I have been seeing frozen bubble pictures. In short, some blew bubbles outside while it was cold (16 degrees Fahrenheit) and they froze leading to some very cool pics. I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and this activity never occurred to me. I think it may be because I don’t really do anything in the cold.

Check the pin for yourself, it looks really neat. I may have to brave the cold.

If you really get into this there is at least one Facebook group dedicated to these.

And it you are really bored, you can always throw some boiling water into the freezing air. It was -16 when I went to work yesterday.

Trying not to hide too much until spring.


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