Create Your Own Storybook

So you have so many great pic from the zoo, vacation or maybe just flowers from you garden. You have picked a few to add to your walls and to put on your desk at work. However, there are so many great pictures, what to do now?

How about make your own storybook?



You can easily write a simple story and then match up your pictures to create a fun book to share with family and friends. Kids can write their own stories about their great trip to the cabin and relive it every day by reviewing their one-of-a-kind book.

I recently created a book called Nana’s Garden.



 This consisted of pictures I took of my mom’s great garden and beautiful flowers. I used a blank board book from and wrote a simple story. My mom now has an easy way to remember this year’s garden and an easy and fun way to share with her grandkids.





You can also create your book using a print service like to have your book professionally printed and bound. What would you story be about?

Start documenting your story with a mini photo session from AmbiJohn Photography (  





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